In assisted reproduction treatments it is no longer enough to obtain spermatozoa, we must find the best spermatozoa. Among the different parameters studied until recently, such as concentration, motility and morphology, varying success rates were observed even with similar classical sperm quality markers. Thus, research has been developed
in order to find new markers of sperm quality.

One of them is sperm DNA fragmentation. A close correlation between high sperm DNA fragmentation and poor reproductive outcome. Traditionally, and completely empirically, vitamins C and E have been used in an effort to improve sperm quality.

The relationship between sperm DNA fragmentation and the excess of free radicals and/or antioxidants deficit in infertile males has raised the question whether the supplementation with antioxidant substances may improve their reproductive outcome by reducing sperm DNA fragmentation.

In this study, we evaluate the impact of an antioxidant complex (Androferti®‚ Laboratorios Q Pharma) supplementation to infertile males in their sperm DNA fragmentation.