Nowadays, the masculine factor is the person in charge of form isolated of 40 % of the cases of infertility of pair, sharing this protagonism of additional form in 20 % close to the feminine factor, for what of joint form, it represents 50 % of all the cases. In spite of the lack of scientific evidence, the empirical treatment has been in use widely and continues being done at present, basically to expense of compound of vitamins and other trace elements, which due to his antirust power, it would allow to improve seminal parameters as mobility or morphology.

Objetive: To study the changes in seminal parameters in a group of patients with idiophatic oligoastenoteratozoospermia, to whom they treatment was ruled by the antirust complex.

Material y métodos: 40 patients with idiophatic oligoastenoteratozoospermia were treated by the complex antirust Androferti (Laboratory Q Pharma).


Conclusions: The study demonstrated improvement of the seminal parameters concentration, progressive mobility and morphology to 3 and 6 months of treatment, presenting statistical significance the analysis of the information, which, given the improvement on the inventory of mobile sperms (REM), allows to these patients to come to technologies of assisted reproduction (TRA) as in vitro fertilization (FIV) or injection intracitoplasmática of sperms (ICSI) with major guarantee, or even, pairs who due to the initial REM necessarily had to resort to the above mentioned technology of reproduction, they can resort finally to artificial insemination (IAC) before the experienced improvement.